Six foods you didn’t know you could put on the grill

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  • On Good Things Utah this morning – It’s almost summer and during the season of long days and long runs, there are few greater joys than firing up the grill to make a healthy meal. But if your grilling routine is as adventurous as melting a slice of cheddar on a beef patty, you’re selling this cooking method short. There are plenty of other non-traditional foods out there that taste even better when flecked with a bit of char-many of which are also packed with the nutritional firepower needed to support your training. Reagan shares 6 choices you probably never considered putting on the grill!
  • And while you are outside, can we all agree that there’s nothing worse than constantly swatting away flies or dealing with itchy, bright red welts that pop up all over your skin when all you really wanted to do was just sip on your rosé and soak in some sunshine? Which is why, as a notorious mosquito magnet, I firmly believe you can never have too many solutions on hand to keep those pesky buggers at bay. And this brings me to an exciting update: Bestselling mosquito repellent brand Thermacell just launched a ground-breaking advanced repellent system that promises to create a 20-foot (!) mosquito protection zone, so bitees like me can finally enjoy some uninterrupted outdoor time! Reagan tells us how it works.
  • Plus, contrary to popular belief, TikTok isn’t just a great app for killing time with cute puppy videos and fun dance challenges: You can actually learn a lot of useful things from TikTok videos. For example, thanks to one TikTok user, we finally know what those weird colored circles on the back of food packages are. According to TikToker Sonya Gonzalez Mier, who says she works in food marketing, the explanation is simpler than you may think. Tune in to find out!
  • Finally, the hilarious “Charlie Bit My Finger” home video featuring a toothy baby in England and his startled big brother is getting yanked from YouTube after the boys’ parents auctioned it off for a hefty $760,999. The clip, posted so the boys’ godparents could see it in America, is a moment of internet history. It’s one of the most popular videos ever and has been watched 883 million times on YouTube.
  • And at the end of the show, need a pet but don’t have a lot of energy? Reagan shares the list of laziest dog breeds with us this morning. That Basset Hound may be lazy, but he’s sure cute! Find out which other breeds made the list. Hope you join us this morning for GTU.

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