Wedding season is upon us! Your wedding is a day to remember, but can also be stressful. Sarah Wells, an Event Coordinator joined us on the show to share why hiring a wedding coordinator is essential. A wedding coordinator can provide an array of services. Whether you’re trying to find a cake, a perfect venue, or are in need of last minute tips. An event coordinator will hold your hand every step of the way. 

Brides & grooms should be able to spend their day in the moment. Hiring a coordinator will take all of the stress of your big day and you will get to be present. A coordinator can be a decor manager, crisis averter, therapist and last minute magician. 

Wells knows first hand what it takes to craft a beautiful wedding. “A wedding can turn into a family reunion”, said Wells. “You want them all to be present and concentrate on what they are here for.” Wells has turned her passion of professional planning into a career. 

When picking the right coordinator for you, free consultations are offered to make sure the planner is a good fit. If you would like to connect with Wells to see if she’s the right planner for you, check out the website below. 

Wells is offering $100 off wedding coordination package when you mention “Good Things Utah Segment.”

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