Self-care is all the rage nowadays and what it is and how to do it can be found all over social media. Licensed recreational therapist Rachel Thornton joined us today to talk about the misconceptions behind self-care. 

Thornton told us that self-care means taking care of your needs with intention and giving some of your daily energy to yourself. Thornton’s self-care motto? Having needs doesn’t make you needy. She gave us four tips for confronting misconceptions and some reminders on self-care.  

First, she tells us that self-care shouldn’t be passive or reactive, instead, we should be intentional and proactive in taking care of ourselves. She also told us that caring for ourselves doesn’t always mean excessive indulgence and spa trips galore. Instead, it’s sometimes as much as sitting down and taking a few minutes for yourself. She also explained to us that self-care doesn’t have to be expensive or timely. Thornton also emphasized that self-care isn’t selfish. It’s building your self-reliance because as she explained, you’re around yourself 24/7 and self-care means learning to depend on yourself instead of always looking to others.  

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