Ganel-Lyn Condie told us how to plan the perfect family reunion, vacation, or girls’ trip with her easy-to-follow and use tips. 

Her tip was to understand and talk about everyone’s expectations. Ask what everyone expects to gain from the vacation, such as doing lots of sightseeing, relaxing, or reconnecting. Find ways to accommodate a little bit of what everyone wants to do. The next tip she shared was to brainstorm and invite everyone to share what they want to see and do by asking them what top three things they want. Condie said to share everyone’s brainstorming and the final vacation layout on a Google calendar or posterboard that everyone can access so there are no questions about the schedule.  

Condie also said to remember that the unexpected happens and to be flexible. See what works each day and what doesn’t work and communicate with everyone on the trip if something needs to change for the next day. Check-in before and after the vacation to see what may need adjusting for upcoming vacations. Keep in mind that vacations are worth the effort for memories, and if that means that you can’t do everything it’s fine if you’re creating happy memories.   

Viewers can connect with Condie on Facebook and Instagram at @ganellyn or at her website