Should you book travel now for 2022 and Starbucks gives out free drinks

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  • Today on GTU – This year marked the first time many Americans traveled since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. People tended to start small with short road trips, visits to relatives they hadn’t seen in a long time, or other domestic travel for events like rescheduled weddings. But now that many of us have made up for lost time and adjusted to leaving our homes, some are starting to dream big again. Looking ahead to 2022, there’s even more hope for exciting vacations to farther destinations. “Travel is of course a personal decision,” Val Anthony, lead research analyst at Tripadvisor, told HuffPost. “We do know this, those who are booking for 2022 are booking bigger vacations. The average price of stays being booked for January 2022 is twice that of the stays being planned for September 2021. Tune in for tips before you book that next trip.
  • Plus, like it or not, it’s officially fall this week, but Starbucks is trying to lessen the sting of that end-of-summer bummer with a major deal for rewards members. It’s also rolling out some seasonal flavors to help you embrace autumn with every sip. On Wednesday, September 22, Starbucks Rewards members who order a handcrafted beverage via the chain’s mobile app will automatically receive a coupon for a free drink to redeem on either Saturday, September 24, or Sunday, September 26. The drink you order must be a grande or larger to qualify for the freebie, so don’t be sheepish about getting your caffeine in!
  • And fall is upon us, and alongside the cool breezes and warm bevvies come two of our favorite words: sweater weather! After the commotion of summer, this season comes like a breath of fresh air. Fall invites us to slow down, get cozy, and reconnect to our deeper intentions, which may have been buried in the sand during those summer months. Our intention this autumn is to create more with less, starting with our wardrobe. Because we all know the feeling: Standing in front of an overflowing closet, thinking I have nothing to wear. The answer is not a bigger wardrobe, it’s a timeless wardrobe, with a few extra-cozy, quality pieces at the center. Reagan shows us what you need to update your fall closet.
  • Finally, the adorable cat video that will have you smiling all Wednesday long! Tune in to see Batman deliver toys from his toy basket straight to his mom. (all caught on camera)
  • At the end of the show, why do we say “bless you” when people sneeze? Reagan says there are several reasons and one has to do with evil spirits…? Hope you join us for a fun Wednesday edition of GTU!

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