• On Good Things Utah today – Surae shares the emotional story of her nanny’s mother passing away over the weekend from COVID-19. She tells us how she had to explain the death to her young children. It’s a stark reminder of the faces and personal stories behind the pandemic.
  • Plus, health experts share the two reasons that you would need to wear a mask in your own home.
  • And Disneyland continues to contemplate reopening the park. With eighty thousand employees still out of jobs, the theme park is pushing California’s governor to make a decision. We’ll give you the latest. And pizza with your scrambled eggs? It’s the tasty recipe hack that you probably didn’t see coming?!

Featured in today’s Save the Faves is Susy’s Kitchen. Located in Cottonwood Heights, Susy’s Kitchen philosophy is ‘From Nature to Plate’, is a true reflection of Chef Susana’s passion for the finest, freshest seasonal produce and the cooking that reflects. Susana’s has training in haute cuisine restaurants in Europe. She presents modern cuisine with influence by French cooking techniques and an appreciation of the best quality ingredients available from the United States. Originally she created a lunch menu with take away bistro style in her Airstream trailer.