Salt Lake City, Utah (Good Things Utah) – In honor of Brain Tumor Awareness Month, Jodi Brown, a local brain tumor survivor, joined the show to provide information and inspiration for Brain Tumor Awareness and Mental Health. 

Jodi first recognized brain tumor symptoms when she began having headaches, vertigo, fatigue, and ear ringing. After 8 months of trying to find an answer, Jodi had an MRI that discovered the tumor in her brain. 

The tumor’s location determines much of what one’s brain tumor journey will look like. For Jodi, her tumor was positioned in a difficult place, between the end of her auditory canal and brainstem. Because of this, most neurosurgeons would not operate. Luckily, she found a surgeon who agreed to operate. Since this discovery, Jodi has had multiple brain surgeries and describes her complications as “1 in a million.”

Due to all the surgeries, Jodi has had to create a “new normal” for her newfound lifestyle. Resilience has been a quality that Jodi has had to rely significantly on since the beginning of her journey. She advocates for mental health and is a professional speaker and author in hopes of teaching resilience to individuals worldwide. Jodi has published 3 books about the changes she has seen in her life since the beginning of her journey.

Find more information on Jodi and her experiences at Or find her on social media @jodiorgillbrown.