Shantel Reitz was back in studio to talk about blame and shame. When you find yourself in the throws of these feelings, she teaches us a way to flip the script and take ownership of our reaction instead.

“I am not at fault for the things that happened to me, but I am responsible for the reaction and how I allowed it to affect me.” With this mindset we can find a peace in a situation that may typically cause us to spiral.

The example Shantel uses is her son leaving his socks all over the house. It makes her crazy, and she gets upset and yells every time. But the problem is not that her son leaves his socks around, the problem is that Shantel has a problem with the fact that her son leaves his socks around. She could equally as easily choose another option.

Fault: it’s my son’s fault for leaving the socks around. 

Ownership: I chose to have a negative reaction to my son leaving his socks around. 

The energy of blame and shame will put us into a paralysis spiral, the ball is in someone else’s court and we can’t move forward without them stepping up in some way. We lose the control over our situation. 

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