Salt Lake City, UT – (Good Things Utah) – Young business owners get suit up because it is getting chilly in the GTU studio! We were joined by Kekai and Aisha from Kai Pops Island Style Popsicles on how their products are not your ordinary frozen ice pop.

Kekai is the Creator/Owner of Kai Pops Island Style Popsicles and he is assisted by his mother and Co-Owner, Aisha. Kekai started this popsicle dream when he was just 9 years old and developed the popsicle flavors with his mother and grandmother. From football fields in a cool to a mobile food truck, Kekai now at 13 years old has made some serious progress. 

Kekai and Aisha say their secret to what makes their popsicles so good and different from the rest is the Aloha they share through their recipes. 

You can get a popsicle from Kai Pops through their food truck or online! 

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