SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH- (Good Things Utah) Setting the tone for your zone is crucial. Alignment coach Shantel Reitz came to the studio to share how we can get into the zone and set intentions for the day.

Reitz, a renowned and accomplished public speaker, shares with viewers that we can be intentional with our time and energy. Often times, we need a little bit of a reset. No matter the time or circumstance in your day, it is possible to reset. Determine how you want to show up in the different areas of your life. Reitz also suggests that viewers can create a mantra which will help set the tone. Saving the mantra in your phone or a place readily accessible to you is crucial that way you can read it aloud to yourself as many times as you need before stepping into the space.

Currently, Reitz is hosting a retreat in Bear Lake from Sept 8-11. She is offering $100 off with promo code: GTURETREAT. Spots are available on her website.