Do you know the difference between self knowing and self care?

Author and motivational speaker Ganel-lyn Condie said that the definition of self knowing is knowing or understanding of one’s own capabilities, character, feelings, or motivations.

If you’re unsure about your self knowing, Ganel-lyn said conducting a self interview can help. Listen to your strengths, take notice of feelings and observe them without judging. She also said you can take a values survery and choose your top five.

If you don’t already, try meditating. It heals the brain and quiets the chatter. Lastly, don’t just monitor how much you’re going on social media, but monitor how much you are comparing yourself to others.

Ganel-lyn said what threatens your self-knowing is the comparison trap, staying too busy and living by borrowed values.

“Your worth is non-negotiable,” said Ganel-lyn. Your bank account, grades, dress size or choices of children etc. does not equate to your value. To wrap up honoring our self knowing, Ganel-lyn said, “learning to enjoy being with YOURSELF comes as you come to know you, so celebrate your uniqueness.”