Everybody loves a little self-care. That is why we loved meeting up with Fishkiss owners Jared and Linda Greco!

Fishkiss is a fun establishment in Provo where people can come and get a sort of “fish pedicure.” The fish they use are Garra Rufa fish, otherwise known as doctor fish.

Customers place their feet in a tank full of these fish, and the fish will exfoliate and eat all of the dead skin off of their feet. Linda Greco explained it feeling like carbonated water.

They currently have two deals going on. For the month of Aug., they have date night Wednesdays from 4-9 p.m. Customers can get two people in for $25. They are also doing a package deal with Fishkiss and Kabiri, a nail salon, where you get the Fishkiss pedicure and a gel manicure from Kabiri for $45.

To find out more about Fishkiss, follow them on IG and on their website.