Selena Gomez says leaving social media helped curb her depression and anxiety

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  • And Selena Gomez is all grown up. The multi-hyphenated artist, beauty mogul and mental health advocate is jumping into 2022 with a new sense of purpose — and she’s bringing her fans along on the journey. In a new interview with InStyle magazine, Gomez opens up about how giving up social media helped curb her depression and anxiety as well as her future plans to make the world a better place by continuing to challenge stigmas around mental health. “I became aware that my little world is complicated, but the picture is much bigger than the stuff I deal with,” Gomez said of the past two years. “I have problems with depression and anxiety, and I found it difficult for me to be me. I didn’t want to post anything on social media because I realized that I was in a situation where I was extremely blessed. What could I possibly post or say?”
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