SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THING UTAH) — From BYUtv to their own studio the cast of BYU’s past studio C in 2018 left to start their own studio called JK studios. JK studios specializes in family friendly comedy in the style of skits. Today we were joined by Steph Meek and Jeremy Warner to talk about their first ever featured film. It was released in July; it is called GO WEST. According to Stephan “it’s a mix of Monty python and the Oregon trail”. It is about A crazy group of pioneers brave the harsh elements and numerous mishaps to travel thousands of miles out west to find a place to call home. They add the same energy of their past Studio C skits to each scene in the movie.  

They are going to be a part of Zion’s indie film festival. ZIFF brings together a sophisticated and diverse audience of movie-goers, film industry leaders, movie critics and film students. The films included in the film can be in the wide range of trending topics that uplift and inspire, as well as simply entertain and provide a much-needed laugh. There you will see the movie trailer, movie clips, and experience a Q&A with the cast of “GO WEST.” The festival is at 4:50PM on Friday, March 17th at the SCERA center in Orem.  

You can get tickets here or you could visit ZIFF’s website. For the movie trailer of GO WEST check out this link.