Scaring friends with the roll of a dice

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With fall right around the corner, it is time to break out all of those horror movies and… games? Time Rowberry and Tim Huntsman joined us to discuss their new board game FRIGHT.

The point of the game is to scare each other to death so there is only one left alive, but if you’re dead you’re not out, you can still affect the game as a ghost.

Ghost hunting seemed to be a popular theme around the time that Jeff Peters had the idea to create the game. He brought Tim Huntsman on to develop the game. Shortly after, Tim Rowberry and Steve Crowe were brought on for production and art.

FRIGHT has well over 200+ hours of play-testing over the last six years and the team is excited for it to finally be released. The game will be sold in Barnes and Noble stores followed by Books a Million, Toys R Us (Canada), GameStop, and will be expanding more into Canada and Europe. It was first released last Friday.

For more information regarding the game, visit their site and purchase it here.

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