Christine Wzorek, CEO of White Label Advisors, shares her message about imposter syndrome. 

White Label Advisors is a strategic direction firm that advises high-growth companies on Human Capital Strategy.

Wzorek has worked to make the workplace safe and impactful for women. However, “imposter syndrome” can be on most women’s minds in the workplace. Most women think they are incapable, don’t belong, or are being set up for failure.

Wzorek works to combat that every day. First, by dispelling the label Imposter Syndrome. Shedding that phrase can open us up to a better mindset. Second, we need to remove perfection expectations. Stop worrying about being perfect and get to work. Getting up at working can clear your head. Second, do not discredit your experiences. Every woman has a significant skillset and capability brought to the table. 

Get comfortable with asking, persuading, and performing in your job. Be confident in your opinion, use your voice. And, know your worth.

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