Salt Lake City’s oldest part of town is going through a revitalization. The Granary was the city’s industrial center but is in the process of becoming the center of fine dining, brewing, and even local shopping. Brian McOmie, owner of Your Favorite Bartender came to Good Things Utah alongside Britney Helmers, Director of design for BCG Holdings, to talk more about events that will occur at The Granary.

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McOmie and Helmers talk about The Granary’s festive event venue that is a former automotive warehouse. The venue went through quite a makeover with help from local contributors. “There was a bunch of trash located inside the venue so we went in [and] cleaned it up, took the roof off the ceiling, added some electrical into the space and then we worked with a bunch of local muralists/local graffiti artists to really clean it up and make it a community event.” said Helmers. Helmers also said that they have collaborated with Michael Yount and Tim Sullivan, founders of Little City Inc. to retrofit the containers of the space. 

Many community events have occurred at The Granary, both private and public. Events have included weddings, corporate parties, community events, music festivals, and food festivals. It is very versatile and something that can bring joy to all. It is estimated that 500-600 people can fit in the venue and the venue is 1600 square feet.  “Every person can come. You can bring your kids, it’s very family friendly and just a good time.” said McOmie. 

McOmie also said that he likes how unique the venue is. The venue will be open during the entire summer with many open-air music festivals. Helmers said there will be more events that are anticipated to take place with the soonest taking place on Jul. 30. The event will have three food trucks and have McOmie running the bar and will feature three local bands. The venue is located at 349 S 700 W in Salt Lake City. 

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