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Salt Lake Acupuncture Clinic does utilize acupuncture in most treatments, but that is one of the many things that they do. If you look at the treatments like a play, Salt Lake Acupuncture Clinic thinks of their acupuncture needles in neuropathy treatments as more of a supporting cast of characters. Not the main characters. Dr. Stephanie Scott incorporates a lot of cutting edge therapies. That differs a little bit depending on each patient. This helps increase success in the overall outcome.

Every treatment is tailored individually for that patient. Where did the neuropathy come from? Is it chemotherapy induced? Is it diabetic induced neuropathy? Or is it that big old fancy word idiopathic? That means we don’t know why they have it. Each one of these 3 different neuropathies responds a little bit differently. The treatment for each looks a little bit different. Plus, what else is going on with that particular patient? Our medicine is not one size fits all. Dr. Stephanie Scott has success treating all different types of neuropathy.

If you have been diagnosed with any of these neuropathies. There is hope!

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