SANDY, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Hope for Neuropathy. Dr. Stephanie Scott at Salt Lake Acupuncture Clinic specializes in hope for people with neuropathy. 

When you come into the office for your consultation, Dr. Stephanie Scott will meet with you one on one to gather your history. Then, her team will perform some tests to see how much nerve function you have left. Based on those test results, Dr. Scott will then know if you are a good candidate for treatment, and if you are, she will lay out a plan to get the best possible results. 

If you have painful burning feet… If it feels like you are walking on glass… If it feels like there are fire ants on your feet… If it feels like your feet are sitting in electricity… If you feel like your socks are bunched up under your feet… If your balance is starting to deteriorate… If you are uncomfortable driving because it’s hard to distinguish the gas pedal from the brake pedal… If your feet are keeping you up at night… If any of this sounds like you… Or if you just want an opinion from a doctor who takes the time to listen to you… and even if you haven’t been formally diagnosed, give Salt Lake Acupuncture Clinic a call. 

Call (801) 477-7966 to schedule a consultation.

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