Experience the epitome of safe and stylish piercings at Groovy Peach Piercing Co. with owners Rachel May, Hailey Ishino, and Lindsey Prater! With using only single-use hollow needles and materials like implant-grade titanium, 14k gold, and 316L surgical steel, they craft a comfortable and fun yet sterile atmosphere for ear and nostril piercings. “Your safety is paramount, and our medical-grade sterilizer ensures it’s uncompromised”, they tell us.

Hollow needle piercings, unlike piercing guns, provide several key benefits. They minimize tissue trauma, reduce the risk of complications, and offer a smoother process that promotes quicker healing. Groovy Peach is more than just a place to get a piercing; it’s an experience that encapsulates passion, expertise, and a commitment to your well-being.

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Located inside of Styla Salon Studios in South Jordan, Utah

IG: @groovypeachpiercingco