NEPHI, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Dr. Emily Poff, a ten year physician at Central Valley Medical Center (CVMC) practiced what she preached and ended up getting ahead of her health due to simply scheduling her annual mammogram. Having no prior family history and being in her early forty’s, it came as a surprise when she was diagnosed with breast cancer just this past spring. She has spent her career educating her patients about the importance of preventative care, but little did she know how it would impact her life. Robyn Aagard, the CVMC Oncology Patient Coordinator, shared how Dr. Poff has continued to treat others and rally for them through her own trials.  

Just this past year, CVMC opened up an oncology unit providing cancer care and treatment to those who live in rural Utah. Emily was able to use these resources for her very own battle. This is made available by TeleHealth Technology which gives CVMC physicians direct access to patient oncologists giving patient’s personalized care.

Dr. Poff cannot express enough how vital it is to schedule your screening. It could be what makes the difference in your life. For more information visit and connect with them on Instagram at @cvmcutah and on Facebook as “Central Valley Medical Center.”