SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — A brand new film festival is coming to our very own Park City, Utah May 11th-14th. However this specific festival comes with a twist. It is an AI powered festival.

Bert and Maddie are the duo behind this powerful event. The AI International Film Festival celebrates the best and brightest filmmakers from around the world. All of the films focus on the profound societal effects of GPT-4 and Artificial Intelligence. We also have films fully produced using AI Technology. These films include ChatGPT-written shorts, an AI horror flick, AI documentaries and an experimental film exploring human-humanoid romance, among others.

This is a fantastic opportunity for the local community and students to be involved in an international festival. Bert and Maddie are working on a variety of endeavors including, another upcoming festival, student film contests and panels. For further information and tickets, visit their website.