We loved getting to know Rita Magalde from her last appearance, when she whipped up the tastiest deserts and told us all about her bakery, Sheer Ambrosia. When we found out she was also author of book “From Mrs. To Ms”, we knew we had to get her right back in!

The book was penned after Rita went through a difficult divorce, one that took her years to recover from. She choose to share her story in hopes it would help other people. It was Christmas day, she was eight months pregnant with a planned daughter, and already mom to a three-and-a-half year old son, when her husband announced he wanted to split up.

Rita owned and operated a travel agency with her husband, and after they parted ways in their business relationship, she started her bakery. That was part of Reinventing Rita! Watch and learn how she began her journey of reinvention post-divorce, becaming a victor rather than a victim.
Visit Rita’s bakery Sheer Ambrosia, and hop online to order her book, and baklava!
Sheer Ambrosia is located at 11748 S. Nigel Peak Lane, Draper, UT 84020
Email Rita@SheerAmbrosiaBakery.com