SALT LAKE CITY, UT – (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — The stress of life can be hard sometimes. We have some tips and tricks to help relieve you from the stress and anxiety of your daily life. Today we were joined by Chelsey Murdock, a compassionate inquiry coach, to help us out. A compassionate, inquired coach is a person that fills that gap of a therapist but doesn’t take on all the responsibilities of a therapist. It is for people who aren’t quite ready for a therapist but want to head in that direction. Also, they can be there when you’re doing hard things to hold your hand and keep your emotions balanced.  

Stress and anxiety affect so many people today in this modern world. She taught us some ways to release the tension and calm down how nervous system. These tips will help reset your mind and make it, so you’re not overwhelmed. By connecting with stress, tension, and pain you can learn how to release it.  

  1. A psychological breath – take two breaths in and one sigh out. The sigh out will make you release the tension. It is great exercise to do when you are doing things because you can do it while driving, talking to your kid, etc. 
  1. Half salamander – bring your right ear to your right shoulder then you look up at the corner of your eye for five seconds and look down for five seconds. Then you do it on the other side. By doing this it will reset your nervous system 

Sometimes different exercise will do different things for different people and Chelsey can help with that. She has a YouTube channel with tons more exercises. To work one on one with her check out her social media and website. For 20% off a consultation with Chelsey use the code: GTU