Relationship coach, Val Baldwin joins us in the new year to help create happier and healthier relationships in 2022. She shares a few simple, well-defined goals that if done on a regular basis, will make your relationship better.

The first thing Val suggests is to put limits on your phone use. This will help you focus more on each other and on everyone around you. It is also important to designate time each day to connect with your partner. This makes it so you can actually connect as a couple. Val touched on the importance of making intimacy a priority in your relationship.

Finance is a hot topic in marriage and relationships in general. It may be helpful to schedule monthly discussion about money with your partner. Arguments over finances are one of the main causes of divorce, so communicating about your expectations will eliminate chances of problems in the future.

Last, Val recommends practicing gratitude daily. This will help you get in the habit of being grateful for the things your partner does and who they are.