MAMMOTH, Utah (Good Things Utah) – Redefining Skincare. Precious Mineralz is changing how you see skincare with Halloysite, a nanotubular clay known for its oil-absorbing properties. Precious Mineralz uses this natural ingredient to enhance skin health and appearance, delivering results at the cellular level for all skin types and ages. Its earthy origin complements human skin, leaving you with visibly younger-looking and feeling skin.

Precious Mineralz is helping create timeless beauty for all at any age. Precious Mineralz brings clean, sustainable skincare products for all skin types, ages and they’re gender neutral. Their story is worth hearing and their products are innovative, using Halloysite, a natural nanotubular shaped clay, mined from a family owned mine in the Historic Tintic Mining District, in Mammoth, Utah.

Unique to the skin care industry, Halloysite’s nanotubular structure enables the Precious Mineralz product to effectively penetrate the skin barrier and deliver active ingredients such as peptides and hyaluronic acid, deep into the skin’s layers. The clay acts as a reservoir for the active ingredients, gradually releasing them over time. By nourishing the skin from the inside out, these active ingredients can promote hydration, collagen production and overall skin health.

Precious Mineralz’s comprehensive skin care line for the face and body is designed to complement each other for a complete skin care routine. This line includes seven products: Renewing Face Cream, Under Eye Correction Cream, Eyelash/Eyebrow Booster, Restorative Hand and Body Cream, Rich Body Polish, Protective Lip Balm and Soothing Cuticle Balm. The key ingredient is Halloysite.

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