Pioneer day is only a week away. Amilia Mckay, owner of ‘Grapefruit and Thyme, ‘ came by to show us how to make delicious patriotic-themed cherry and blueberry cream cheese tartlets.

Tartlettes are a play on the bite-size version of pie. Amilia also offers tartlettes in her dessert bar catering packages for weddings and events.

Baking tip:
When using fresh fruit, glaze it to give a pretty shine and keep the fruit from looking shriveled after a while.

They are taking pie pre-orders for Pioneer Day (Pie & Beer Day)

Cherry Cheesecake is on the menu, and their Cottage pie (aka Shepherd’s), Chicken Tomatillo, famous Sugar Pie made with the same filling they used and won in the Hand Pie Utah Taste Off last year and more!

Find Grapefruit and Thyme online and IG.