Josh showed us some of his records from his collection and told how us how he got his collection started and how viewers can start theirs too.  

After starting his record collection 7 years ago in New York City, Josh said he now has over 700 records. He first began collecting his records by finding them for only $1 to $2 dollars in record shops in New Jersey and New York City. A top tip of his for viewers looking to start up their own collection is to begin with purchasing a turn table. Turn tables are much more portable than other equipment, cheap and simple to use, Josh said. 

Records produce a unique rich sound that is distinct from listening to digital music, Josh explained. He also said that being able to hold a physical record gives a different feel to the music. The cozy and quaint feelings of nostalgia add to the listening experience, which is one of the reasons that he said he loves to collect records. 

Josh showed us some of his choice and favorite records from his collection, including ABBA, Kate Bush, Spice Girls, Bowie, and a Clueless record.  

To learn more about record collections and how to start your own, viewers can find Josh on Instagram at @gayvinalist and can find rare vinyl’s at