Everyone, at one point or another, feels conflicted by what they are thinking and feeling. Our head can be telling us one thing while our heart is telling us another.

How do we clearly listen to a combination of our head and our heart? Ganel-Lyn Condie, a professional speaker and author is sharing his advice.

Every day we get distracted by the stresses and pressures from work, home and social life. This can prevent one from receiving messages to your heart. Ganel-Lyn gives four clear and focused ways to accomplish direct communication between your head and your heart.

  1. Don’t automatically say YES
  2. Create space
  3. Take time not make time
  4. PRACTICE hand on your heart

By following her steps in the segment above, anyone who feels lost or is struggling with internal communication can rid themselves of doubt and muted messages.

This Valentine’s Day let us all begin to listen to the more of the the notifications from our hearts and less from the distractions of daily life.

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