SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH)– Today on Good Things Utah, we had Nancy Cadjan, Director of Donor Relations, Svitlana Miller, founder of To Ukraine With Love, and Ryan Aiken join us to discuss restoring dignity to people in Ukraine with an effort started by a fourteen-year-old.

With the war in Ukraine beginning about two years ago, there is a great need for resources in these affected communities mainly homes and food. Most of their efforts are going towards the East, where the war is still raging, to get food to people who no longer have grocery stores.

Multiple campaigns are occurring one of them is building homes, and the other is providing meals. This Holiday season, they are trying to build as many homes as possible. In this rebuilding effort, they have a generous donor, Delloy Hansen, willing to match all donations received. The other campaign is Meals for Seniors. They are asking the public to donate 10 dollars a month, 124 a year, which will feed someone every day.

For more information visit their website toukrainewithlove or follow their Instagram @toukarinewithlove