Grammy award winner country music star and former CW sitcom star, Reba McEntire joined GTU host Nicea DeGering via satellite to talk about her newest project, starring as Sonny Barnes in ABC’s ‘Big Star’.

McEntire plays a doting wife and mother with an edgy side, unlike her titular character, Reba Hart, from her 2000s sitcom ‘Reba’, named after the country superstar herself. Big Star is in it’s third season and McEntire has filmed six episodes. The 67-year-old plays the matriarch of the series and her onscreen husband, Buck Barnes, is played by her real life boyfriend and love of her life, Rex Linn. “The writing’s incredible [and] everybody on the set is incredible.” said McEntire. McEntire has cherished her time working with her partner and enjoys rehearsing with him.

Unlike Sonny Barnes, McEntire is not a fan of camping herself. ”My idea of camping is Holiday Inn” said McEntire. The sets on the show could pass for glamping. The country music legend has three Grammy awards, nine People’s Choice Awards, 15 American Music Awards and six CMA awards. She is also a veteran to being a television star. While this isn’t her first series, it is a shift from a 22 minute sitcom as ‘Big Star’ is an hour long crime-drama series. McEntire confesses she will do “as little bit” of singing.

‘Big Sky’ season three premiers tonight, September 21 at 9 p.m. MDT on ABC.