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  • On GTU this morning – Our long time host Reagan Leadbetter announced this morning that she is leaving Good Things Utah to be closer to her sons who moved across the country. Reagan has been with the show from the very beginning of GTU back when it all started in 2002. She says as tough as it is to leave the show and her best friend, it’s been tougher being this far away from her boys. Reagan’s last day will be Thursday, December 23rd. Hope you tune in for a special show that day dedicated to Reagan and all the amazing moments and memories we have of our incredible host. There is no one like Reagan!
  • Plus, people have called out the most toxic boomer, millennial, and Gen Z trends — but according to the internet, Gen X can be pretty toxic as well. Here are just some “toxic” Gen X things that they’re pointing out: 1. Creating a toxic work environment: It’s not that “no one wants to work” it’s that millennials and zoomers refuse to be both underpaid AND work in a toxic environment. Gen x can’t grasp this because they let themselves be walked over for the last 30+ years as a worker. 2. Believing all kinds of working hours should be a norm – To read more Gen X toxic traits click here:
  • And it’s the season to watch one (or all) of the How the Grinch Stole Christmas films. The classic Dr. Seuss tale is all about the truly important things in life: Love, compassion, and family. If you want to take the Grinch love up a notch, you can now spend the night inside Grinch’s Mt. Crumpit Cave. Dr. Seuss Enterprises teamed up with vacation rental company Vacasa to recreate the grumpy green man’s hideaway, located inside a hand-carved, multi-level cave tucked into the side of a stone mountain outside of Boulder, Utah. The cave abode features a kitchen stocked with roastable beast, Who-pudding, and Who-hash, a living room, library, and chess table, and a music room that houses the Grinch’s organ and Max’s drum set. And even though the Grinch tends to be a pretty solitary guy, there’s a main bedroom as well as a guest bedroom. And yes, the cave features a fully functioning bathroom.
  • At the end of the show – Surae tells us why you should start journaling. Research is on your side to start this healthy habit. A 2018 study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research Mental Health found that positive-affect journaling (PAJ) decreased feelings of anxiety, depression, and general distress after one month. Hope you join us for a Tuesday edition of GTU.

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