Parents, we can all do our part by intentionally raising kind kids. Sarah Clark with The Dainty Pear shares her tips on how to do it.

The other day, Sarah’s son came home with a sweet note from another classmate and it made her pause and think about ways they can more intentionally raise kind kids!

 So much of the messaging of the world right now can turn us inward instead of outward. 

As parents, many of us probably find ourselves reminding our children to, “Say please, say thank you,” so many times throughout the day! Sometimes it feels like it’s not soaking in, but she has been surprised how many times they do something that lets her know that she is being heard!

 Some little things they talk about in their home, both in sit-down conversations and also casually while chatting or while they’re driving in the car playing “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down.”

-Look for doors to hold.

-Smile and wave at the elderly.

-Use our manners.

-Look for kids who aren’t being included and include them.

-Even if others aren’t being kind to someone, you still should be.

-Find little moments of service with your siblings and others.

-When we apologize, find out how we can help make it right instead of just saying sorry.

Sarah found that when she verbally recognizes kind behavior, it’s likely to happen more often. Such as, “I noticed you did that for _. That was so kind of you, thank you!” 

We all have our moments, especially littles with big emotions! Sarah says they still have LOTS of learning and slip-ups at their house and in public, and that’s part of being human. But she has noticed the things they do intentionally talk about have become part of who they are and the things they do!

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