We were joined by Eric Gardiner and Brian McOmie today to talk bike races. Gardiner, Salt Lake Criterium Director, and McOmie, bartender, talk an upcoming race taking place on July 16 and 17.

This race includes amateurs and professionals, with around 10,000 spectators on the sidelines. The course spans about a mile and a quarter, with the racers spinning around the block every minute. The bicyclists go around 30mph, causing it to be a high speed, high energy race.  In addition to the race, there will be a helmet giveaway, and entering requires just showing up. 

Originating in 2019, the race started at The Gateway and has grown since then. The action, food trucks, drinks, people and race add up to create a very exciting atmosphere.

To park, go to 440 W 800 S in Salt Lake City UT 84101 and head on over to watch the race.

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