SALT LAKE CITY, UT (Good Things Utah) – Do you want to curl your hair but don’t want to damage your hair with all the heat? Cozy Confidence has just what you need! Rachel Sisneros, owner of Cozy Confidence, joined us to talk about how to get the perfect heatless curls without the heat and the hassle. 

Rachel started Cozy Confidence because she loved curling her hair, but the heat caused her ends to be brittle and dead. Heat protectant didn’t help, and many other heatless curl brands were uncomfortable to sleep in. The Cozy Confidence heatless curl band keeps your hair healthy while making it look beautiful!

This heatless curling product is soft and cozy enough to sleep on, but thick enough to give your hair that luscious curl! If you have finer, thinner hair, you are going to want the smaller curling band so your hair will wrap around it easier. If you have thicker, longer hair, you will want the bigger curl band to get the perfect curls.

When wrapping your hair, you want it to be completely dry so it will hold the curl better. Spray the hair slightly with water before wrapping, and add curl cream to make your curl hold better. To wrap the hair, grab a piece from the front section, pull it over the band, and combine with a piece of hair from the back section. Wrap the hair back around under the band, and continue this until the whole section is wrapped around. Once you are done wrapping the hair, secure it with a scrunchie or tie and let it sit for around 2 hours.

This product works for all hair types, but Rachel recommends that you have your hair somewhat straight when wrapping the hair in order to get the best curls possible. This product is also great for kids, and gets rid of the stress of getting ready in the morning. 

These curl bands are the perfect gift for anyone, and you can order one on their website at For a limited time only, you can get 15% off of this product with the code GTU15. Find more information, go to their Instagram at @CozyConfidenceCo or message Rachel at @rachelsisneros.