Motivational speaker Ganel-Lyn Condie brings us hope for the holidays. She stopped by our GTU studio to address mental health concerns. She says it’s been an emotional year but we can intentionally put the HOPE back in the HOLIDAYS.

H – Helpful

Ganel-Lyn says being helpful can also mean serving others. ‘Services serves the server.’ She says consider collecting your loose change for a Christmas jar and donate. Check out the Let’s Serve app. and maybe contribute to a coat or toy drive.

O – Optimism

Ganel-Lyn says what we focus on increases. We only have so much time in the day. What thoughts are you fostering? Create a Gratitude Christmas chain. 

Change the nervous system by intentional breathing, smell, sound, touch, move.

P – People

Connect with someone you have lost touch with.

Write a HOPE letter.

E – Experiences

What matters to you more? Stuff or people? Ganel-Lyn says slow down to connect.

Start a new tradition or revisit an old one. 

“HOPE isn’t a feeling it is a plan B. 2020 is about plan Bs,” Ganel-Lyn says.