Naughty puppies, why won’t they listen, and why must they chew everything, jump on people, bark and run crazy in the house? Ryan Gwilliam is here to help! He is a trainer at Train Walk Poop and joined us on today’s pet themed show to share a couple training tips for dog owners.

Here’s what he had to say:
-channel their energy through play with other puppies and with you.
-play dates daily if possible for around 45 minutes. 3x per week minimum and always with well behaved dogs
-play with you daily for 10 minutes twice daily but add simple rules like a short pause in play or a sit
-go for a walk and let your puppy pull you gently don’t worry about obedience under 4 months old and just enjoy the walk together
-each activity should be followed by a 1-4 hour nap.
-at least 18 hours of sleep per day recommend

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