SALT LAKE CITY, Utah-(Good Things Utah) Public speaker, author and former Utahan, Al Fox Carraway shares her details on her newest book. Carraway, who has always had a strong presence in Utah, visited her old stomping grounds to share a bit more about her life and newest project.

Carraway, who now lives in her home state of New York, joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2009 and felt inspired to move from the East Coast to the Beehive State to start a new chapter of her life. Raised in another faith, Carraway met the LDS missionaries in her early 20s. After that, she devoted her life to sharing about Christ.

Carraway, who is now a married mother of three, has a new book entitled ‘Finding Yourself in the New Testament.’ Inspired by her personal relationship with God, Carraway wanted to share this with others. She spoke to people of other faiths including a rabbi to find how Christ lived in Jewish law. “Jesus should be tangible to us,” said Carraway. “If we invest in really understanding the ‘why’ behind every little thing that he has done, understanding the laws, the responses, everything [and] all of that, [he will] absolutely allow you to have that lifted weight.”

Copies of the book are available at Costco, and online on Target, Amazon and on sale at Cedar Fort Publishing and Media.