Public figures open up about struggles with self esteem and why laughing makes you healthier

Good Things Utah
  • Today on Good Things Utah – Ginger Zee, the chief meteorologist on GMA opens up about self-esteem struggles she’s dealt with in the past and how she’s working to overcome them. Zee stated that she used to avoid the mirror altogether and wasn’t comfortable in her own skin. She also shared a personal experience of her struggles with bulimia and has been a victim of domestic abuse. After getting professional help, Zee is promoting therapy and encouraging people to reach out to someone if you’re struggling with mental health issues. She said she’s now feeling like herself again and has gained more confidence. 
  • Plus, Megan Fox shares her struggles with body dysmorphia and how it’s affected her relationship with Machine Gun Kelly. During an interview together with British GQ Style, they open up saying that just because it looks like someone’s life looks put together, it doesn’t mean it is. They express the deep insecurities they have and how they lean on each other to get through it. Kelly says he trying to be as grounded as she is and that you can’t bury your trauma. 
  • And, Timothee Chalamet will be staring as the new Willy Wonka in the remake premiering in March of 2023. He posted the first look on Instagram, captioned “The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last,” where he was seen wearing the signature red velvet suit and top hat. There have been mixed reviews, one person commenting “Is it wrong to think Willy Wonka is hot?” This film will be different than the previous ones since it’ll be focusing on his life before the golden ticket, he’ll also be singing and dancing so you can expect to see some of his moves. 
  • Also, Nestle Toll House has four new flavors coming out for the upcoming holiday season. These flavors are Peppermint Cocoa, Red Velvet, Gingerbread, and Snowday. 
  • Lastly, why are you craving salty foods? Some of the reasons could be due to stress, dehydration, sweat, or a kidney or thyroid issue. It’s important to get checked out to ensure it’s not a health problem. There are also deals all month long at certain restaurants for National Pizza Month, so be sure to check out Pizza Hut, 7-Eleven, Marco’s Pizza, Whole Foods, and Papa John’s to see all they have to offer!
  • At the end of the show – Why does laughing make you healthier? It can help your posture, can connect people, is contagious, makes you feel alive, and is a great stress reliever. It also makes you more approachable, fun, and positive. 

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