Mark Anthony the Psychic Lawyer joined us today to explain his psychic experience. As a world-renowned and Oxford educated psychic medium, Anthony bridges the gap between science and faith, exploring the globe and the human soul. Anthony’s book The Afterlife Frequency is the Gold Award Winner of the 2022 COVR Visionary Awards, was considered for a Pulitzer Prize, and endorsed by the world’s top NDE and Survival of Consciousness scientists.

Anthony’s book combines physics, neuroscience, and riveting stories. It reveals the electromagnetic soul — pure energy that never dies. The book also teaches Anthony’s RAFT Technique to R – recognize contact with spirits, A – accept it’s real, F – feel without fear, and T – trust in the experience. This book and Anthony’s practice provides hope for victims of grief, suicide, PTSD, survivors guilt and death in general. This book can illuminate how spirit contact is a powerful tool of healing and of love.

Anthony also talked about his own experience as a fourth generation psychic medium, and how he knew he was a psychic.

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