Temma Martin from Best Friends Animal Society and her furry friend Tess, joined us to share how to protect your pets from all of the fireworks happening this holiday season.

When it comes to fireworks, and any loud boom for that matter, dogs can get terribly frightened. Temma’s biggest tip is to not leave them outside while you’re out or even if you’re doing fireworks at home. Keep the pups inside.

When doing neighborhood fireworks, dogs can sometimes get confused and think that the sparkling light on the ground is a toy or ball and will want to grab it and play with it.

Another tip Temma suggests is to keep them inside in a dark room far from the sound. Close the blinds so that they don’t see the lights flashing in from the outside. This too can cause them to panic.

Keeping a dog out in the yard might seem like a safe space, since they’re still at home. But the loud sounds and bright lights can cause them to scare so bad that they jump fences, dig underneath, break leashes and run away. Keep your loved ones safe this season, especially your furry little friends!

Salt Lake County Animal Services is overly crowded right now, so if you’ve recently lost a pet or are looking to adopt be sure to check their facility. They’re located at 511 West, 3900 South in Salt Lake City.

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For more information check out Salt Lake County Animal Services.