SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Jana C. Fulmer and Martha Burkett Fallis, the Co-Founders/Co-Directors of Amethyst Center for Healing, are pioneering a groundbreaking initiative in the field of domestic violence treatment with their “My Aunties’ House” pilot residential program for men. This program is a trailblazer, being the first of its kind anywhere in the world outside of Israel, adapted with permission from the late Hanna Rosenberg, the original founder of the Beit Noam Israel program.

My Aunties’ House represents a significant step towards promoting safety, healing, and positive change within families and communities affected by domestic violence. By working directly with domestic violence offenders, the program equips men with the tools and strategies they need to break the cycle of abuse, ultimately safeguarding future generations from the trauma of domestic violence. Additionally, this allows for the reallocation of resources spent on emergency shelters and temporary services, reducing homelessness rates for survivors and their families. The pilot program’s capacity to house 8-9 men at a time means that for every 8 participants, approximately 45 other individuals can avoid the necessity of seeking shelter, highlighting the potential for long-term change and increased safety in communities.

Through their dedication to addressing the root causes of domestic violence, Jana and Martha send a clear message of support to survivors and victims, emphasizing that by investing in programs like My Aunties’ House, we can create safer, more stable communities for everyone involved. For more information and to support their vital work, please visit the Amethyst Center for Healing website and social media channels.