Professional psychic Jennafer Martin stopped by our station today to share messages with us on both Good Things Utah and The Daily Dish of why psychic readings are so popular at the beginning of each new year! With a new beginning, it’s common for people to want to know what’s coming up, and psychic readings can give you insight into what to expect for the year.

Wondering what a reading entails? In general, a psychic will either use their senses or their divination tools such as tarot cards, runes, crystal balls, and interpret the messages to give you insight or answers about important parts of your life like your career, relationships, and more. Jennafer uses tarot cards like these for year ahead readings. 

She has been a professional psychic since 2012, and specializing in past life and pet psychic readings.

“2023 looks to be year of purposeful change. We’re coming out of a lot of differed plans from the pandemic, and we’re pondering bigger questions, both personally and as a society, about what’s really working and what isn’t. Individually, people may be asking themselves if they are in the right career or the right relationships. As a society, we may ask what’s working and not working in our systems of government, professional sports, global business, etc. Then we’ll see people making or calling for change not just to switch things up but for real meaningful change.” Jennafer says.

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