It would not be Deena Day without an out-of-this-world performance! Voodoo Productions, a local cirque group put on a spectacular show today, with Paulina Pereira the production manager talking about finding Utah talent and what makes Voodoo special.

Pereira said that Voodoo Productions is one of the best cirque groups in Utah, attracting talent from all over the state. While Utah stereotypes often assume that cirque talent is limited, Pereira said that Voodoo has encountered more talented performers than they can book. Specializing in elevating the typical cirque performance, Voodoo finds ways to step outside the normal and expected range of performance, introducing elements such as fire and live animals to bring an extraordinary production.

The show they brought to the studio today emphasized just how phenomenal the group is, showcasing a juggler, acrobats, and a stilt walker. To connect with Voodoo productions you can follow them on Instagram at @voodooproductions or you can learn more about them on their website at