Shalee Davis joined us in the studio today to show us how to create a dewy summer look perfect for the warmer weather. 

Using SeneGence products to complete the look, Davis uses various products on her model to achieve a glowy look. Known for their products’ long-lasting ability, SeneGence also provides users with a vast range of options for achieving the dewy look without looking sweaty, Davis said.  

Davis gave viewers various tips, such as focusing on skin care for healthy and happy skin and using minimal dewy products to create the perfect level of glow for your everyday natural looks. She told us that using minimal colors for eyeshadow and placing highlighters on the brow bone and high points of the face is key. Enhancing the natural brow and using a nice shade of blush over a cream base finishes off the look.  

Viewers can connect with Davis on social media at @shalee_nicole and to purchase or learn more about saSeneGence products you can go to their website at