Laurieann Thorpe, the Executive Director of Prevent Child Abuse Utah, and Darren Shepherd, the former board member and 2022 Child Advocate of the Year Award Recipient joined the show today to talk about Prevent Child Abuse Utah. Our mission, Thorpe said, is our name.

Shepherd, a father of three boys at the time of his first involvement with the program, realized that he needed to educate his sons on both what child abuse is and on how to prevent themselves and others from experiencing it. Joining the board in 2002, Shepherd has been involved in the program ever since fighting against child abuse. 

Honoring Shepherd, the Prevent Child Abuse Utah organization gave him the 2022 Child Advocate of the Year Award.

Shepherd expresses how this honorable award was something he immediately offered up other names for. Modesty and dedication to the cause are simply a part of his life. 

Shepherd reflects on his own experience watching the experts teach, and said he was struck by the presentation and the relevance. 

To be involved in the program, learn more about child abuse and use the parent kit to educate on child abuse. Volunteer opportunities and donations are also accepted on their website

The Barn Party for Prevention is a celebration of children and the importance of family and community to their future success. This inspired evening features a multi-course dinner prepared by acclaimed chefs, an auction like no other, entertainment and more!