SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (Good Things Utah) The holiday season is wrapping up, and the frustration of putting away the decorations might be setting in. The longer you wait to put them away, the more of a hassle it can become. To ease the stresses of finding broken ornaments, tangled up lights and misplacing decorations, Dallyn Riddick from TWO MEN AND A TRUCK, have some post holiday cleaning tips that will have you thanking yourself by the time next Christmas rolls around.

Riddick shared the following tips:

  • Coming up with a plan can making packing easy and more efficient.
  • The end of the season is a great time to go through holiday decorations and see what’s good to keep, throw out, or donate.
  • Packing small ornaments in egg cartons or dish-packing boxes saves space and prevents broken pieces.
  • Wrapping lights around cardboard keeps them from getting tangled.
  • Creating a wrapping paper station to store supplies keeps things organized for next year.