Salt Lake City, UT (Good Things Utah) – Half of all teenagers in the United States struggle with self-confidence. These years are difficult for teenagers to navigate as they learn who they are and what they want to bring to the world. It can be challenging for parents to know how to build their teens up during these years. Abbi Winslow is a life coach for teens who joined the show to help us better understand how we can shape our teen’s confidence through life stories.

Abbi shares how the transition from child to teen can be difficult for parents as they feel like they have less influence on their child’s life. She finds that one area that a parent has much influence over their children is helping to shape their identity through sharing positive family stories.

Research shows that hearing about one’s birth story, either positively or negatively, can impact one’s identity for the rest of their life. Teens are at a stage where they are solidifying and testing out new identities. During this time, parents can help foster confidence and healthy self-esteem by being selective about the stories they tell their teens about themselves.

Choosing and reinforcing positive life stories when talking to your teen is essential in their climb to confidence. Abbi suggests focusing on positive stories about one’s birth, childhood behaviors, and successes throughout childhood.

Focusing on telling your teen stories that build them up will help them find self-confidence that will last for a lifetime. To find more tips for your teen, see Abbi’s Youtube Channel: