Police Sergeant With a Soft Heart Helps 16 Year Old Boy

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Sargeant Travis Brower is our Do the Right Thing winner for the month of April because of the kindness he showed a 16 year old boy. See below for the full news story.
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A big, burly West Jordan Police Sergeant could look pretty mean if his stops you, but tonight he’s a gentle, lifesaving angel for a 16 year old boy. Anthony Hilton’s mom starts the story from the beginning.
Anne Hilton tells us, “My son was at Smith’s and he had gone in to Smith’s for over 2 years and he didn’t bring his bike in for somebody to watch it and in less than 2 minutes somebody stole his BMX bike.”
Eddie Buckley from the 5050 BMX and the racers at the BMX bike demo at the Sandy Expo Center say this wasn’t just any bike. “The bike that was stolen was probably a $1500 to $2000 bike.”
Anthony’s mom says, “That (bike) was his life.  I mean he just lived to ride his bike.  He wants to be just like these people out here.”
Enter Sergeant Travis Brower, that big burly cop with a soft heart. The stolen bike report caught his attention.  Sergeant Brower worked with 5050 BMX and West Jordan Police and, even, threw in some of his own money. They surprised Anthony Hilton with a brand new BMX. Anthony was speechless, couldn’t really find words to express his happiness, but you could see it in his face.  Sergeant Brower didn’t want any publicity, but this is the side of officers we rarely see.
It’s a story with a happy ending.
Anne Hilton says, “You don’t think there are good people left in this world, but there are and I owe everything to the West Jordan Police Department.”
By the way, the Pro BMX Racers signed Anthony’s new bike. 
It’s a day he’ll always remember.

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