SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (GOOD THINGS UTAH) — Jill Rowe, host of the Human Stories podcast joined us on GTU today to share some Pride festivities and experiences along with Michael Aaron, publisher and editor of Q Salt Lake Magazine.  

Jill Rowe saw an opportunity to be a facilitator of incredible LGTBQ+ stories and decided to dedicate her podcast to the community to help tell their stories to ensure that they are heard and validated.  

Rowe tells her story regarding her first experience of pride. Rowe explains that it changed her life. Her first pride was in 2014, and she didn’t know what to expect that Sunday. She explains that once he attended her first Pride her life was no longer black and white. Instead, she saw her life as a rainbow and diversity in their differences. 

As we are approaching the 30th Pride, Aaron explains the story of Pride and where it originated from. In 1974 Pride was celebrated within a couple of bars as well as a Keg out of the benches of the Great Salt Lake, the very next year in 1975 the community decided to create their own version of Pride and it has been evolving ever since.